Meladermwarning: Pros and Cons

Published: 03rd September 2010
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Meladerm is a new advanced skin lightener product from Civant Skin Care. If you're like me, you've tried many things to get rid of age spots, those dark spots on skin where you can't really hide them with make up, acne scars, etc. All skin bleaching products claim to work well - and, well, Meladerm isn't really any different in this respect. They do claim it does lighten your skin, remove age spots, and lighten acnes scars, and remove brown spots, among many things. But let's take a look at what's the good and bad of Meladerm.

From what I can tell Meladerm appears to do what it says, so it's a little hard to be too critical. From the website there are many testimonials from customers stating that the product has done what it states it should do.

For example:

• It claims to reduce the appearance of dark eye circles

• Melasma

• Age spots

• Acne scars

• or Hyperpigmentation

Is it the perfect solutions for these conditions? Well, not necessarily ... really though the only thing I can seem to find about this product that I don't like? It's only available to order through the internet! Very inconvenient, but convenient at the same time ... Really when I think about it I purchase almost everything now online, from my shampoo to my clothes, so for me it's not a big deal, and now that I think about it I feel like I'm just complaining!

If you go check out the Meladerm site here you'll notice all the customer testimonials.

Some folks just would like to even out the tone of their skin and this seems to do the trick.

Check out this testimonial from an African-American lady about what Meladerm has done for her:

"I just wanted to say what a wonderful product. I am african american; with various skin tone problems. The back of my neck is really dark. I have been using Meladerm complex for less than a month and I am getting great results. The back of my neck is getting lighter already. Usually with other products - it would take at least 2 months to begin to see any results. I purchased (2) 2 ounce jars. I still have almost half of one jar and one unopened jar left. Thanks for making a product that everyone can use and truly benefit from it. I look forward to future purchases. Great Job!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Received from D. Smith - January 27, 2006

And the thing I like best about this product? Aside from appearing to do what it says? 30 day money back guarantee! Love it!

Right now they got a 20% off deal on their 3.4 ounce jar. Not sure how long the sale will last though, so you may want to check it out before it's taken down.

Overall not a bad product, I'd check it out, and with the 30 day money back guarantee I definitely recommend it. If you try it out, please come back to tell me what you think. I think others will want to know.

For more information about Meladerm, visit us at

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